Hello, My name is Nicole, Dr. of Occupational Therapy and lover of people, believer in a more inclusive, universally designed world. I’ve started an inclusive movement and children’s picture book series telling stories, through fables, of love and ability in order to:


Increase children’s sense of self worth, understanding their value in the world.


Decrease the stigma of mental, psychosocial, physical disabilities, and differences, reducing bullying.


Allow children with disabilities to see themselves as main characters alongside their peers in the earliest form of media.


Cultivate friendships that value and flourish off differences.


Facilitate conversation about acceptance, self worth, and inclusion between parents and their children.

gary's gigantic dream

My first book, Gary’s gigantic dream, is here! It’s really really here!

Meet the first book of The Able Fables™ series, an upbeat, rhythmic tale of a young giraffe who gets evaluated for his very first wheelchair. Upon receiving his chair, Gary discovers newfound independence, zest for life, and a gigantic dream of his own. The Able Fables™ collection proudly represents characters with diverse abilities, empowering children, and their guardians to embrace inclusion and see first, ability.

we give 20%

to build inclusive playgrounds.

Life is better when we all play together! For the next 2 months 20% of profits will go to our featured park:

Gwendolyn's Playground

Wear inclusion and kindness on your sleeve… I mean, clothing! Shop my apparel store and
support the second book of The Able Fables™ series, Lia’s Kind Mind!

Invite inclusion into your life with these lovely little freebies!

Free Gary Coloring Page!

Inclusive Playgrounds by State!

25 Of My Favorite Children’s Books!

Free Gary Coloring Page!

Inclusive Playgrounds by State!

25 Of My Favorite Children’s Books!

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