I'm Dr. Nicole Julia

Canada born, Illinois raised, living in Tennessee, dreaming all the gigantic dreams. An occupational therapist, inclusive children’s book author, photographer, and big-time advocate for a world that sees ability first. 

Also, kind of obsessed with tacos, life on the lake, and singing musicals off key at the top of my lungs.

Read on for FAQs about me and my journey!

Did you always dream of being an author?

Nope, sure did not! I like to think of myself as a gymnast, turned diver, turned photographer, turned occupational therapist & author. God has worked through me in incredible ways. When I was in OT school, I told my teacher that I would write a book on wheelchair seating and positioning after learning how comprehensive and individualized the process is. A year later, I was studying for boards in a coffee shop, and I had a poem stuck in my head out of nowhere. I grabbed my journal, and 30 minutes later, I had written my first book!

Are you still an occupational therapist?

I received my doctorate degree from Belmont University, graduated, and worked full time for 2 years. I still work weekend PRN (as needed), but I devote the majority of my time to The Able Fables™.  At first, I was struggling with the thought of quitting my job because I love OT and didn’t want people to think that I wasn’t “a real OT.” But, one of my lovely followers (Ally) sent me these beauteous words: “This makes you the realest OT, never forget that! Our degrees are a gateway to our passions and purpose, not a mold that we should fit into a clinic or a hospital.” After I read these words, everything felt entirely right!

What is inclusion? And why do you love it so?

Superficially, inclusion can be defined as the act of being accepted. At its core, inclusion requires profound love, empathy, understanding, and a willingness to steps outside of one’s comfort zone to invite an individual to participate fully in life’s occupations. Inclusion is holistic. To be included, one must be invited to participate in work, education, play, leisure, socialization, and the community. Why do I love it? Without inclusion, we are missing out on amazing people, new opportunities, and abundancy in life.

What are some of your biggest dreams for The Able Fables?

Build an Able Fables Park. Publish LOTS of books. Give back to the community. Make The Able Fables™ into a children’s TV series. Become a contractor for universal/inclusive design. Meet all of you and build an incredible community. Change the hearts and minds of adults reading to their children. Inspire diverse friendships. I mean, folks, I could go on forever! Thank you for supporting me and believing in my dreams!

How did you get to where you are today?

SUPPORT. PEOPLE. My husband is incredible, he’s supported me from day 1 when we were “just friends” because I friend-zoned him for 5 months. He would sit and listen for hours as I talked about this dream of mine (THREE years ago). He convinced me to quit my job, and I love him for pushing me to follow God’s plan! My parents and sisters are the freaking best people you’ll ever meet. Always and forever, they encourage me to be my best self. My cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, every single one is cheering me on, even from heaven. My friends, they’ve helped me open doors that I would have never found on my own. And, all the beautiful humans that are part of my Instagram community – they are the reason I was able to publish book one. They helped me raise the $20,000 I needed for this book. I am blessed. Yesterday, today, and forever. And, if you are reading this – YOU ARE LOVED, and it’s an honor being human with you. 

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