Gary’s Gigantic Dream, Book #1


Gary’s Gigantic Dream, Second Edition. Featuring all new children at the end of the book!

An upbeat, rhythmic tale of a young giraffe who gets evaluated for his very first wheelchair. Upon receiving his chair, Gary discovers newfound independence, zest for life, and a gigantic dream of his own. The Able Fables™ collection proudly represents characters with diverse abilities, empowering children, and their guardians to embrace inclusion and see first, ability.

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Gary’s Gigantic Dream, is book 1 of the inclusive children’s picture book series, The Able Fables. Gary empowers children and parents alike to celebrate inclusion, kindness, and ability, because after all – We’re All Able!

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  1. Details:
    1. Hardcover : 32 pages
    2. Publisher : Able Fables Book Co. 2nd Edition
    3. ISBN : 978-1-7332727-0-4
    4. Shipping Weight: 14.45 ounces
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  1. Hannah M.

    If you don’t have this book on your bookshelf, your kids’ bookshelf, given it to your favorite pediatrician, teacher, camp counselor, librarian, neighbor, grocery store worker, and all of your best friends–then what have you been doing? This book is as inclusive and entertaining as children’s books get and I whole-heartedly believe that EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. needs to own Gary’s Gigantic Dream and every book to follow (and enough Able Fables apparel to rep it every day of the week)! 10/10 would recommend over and over.

  2. Katie M.

    As an aspiring OT I love seeing and sharing products that promote inclusion and ability! After learning about The Able Fables and receiving my own copy of Gary’s Gigantic Dream I have been recommending this book to EVERYONE. I currently own a copy for myself but I look forward to adding to my collection as more books in the series are released and gifting it to others in the future!!

  3. Megan S

    Absolutely love this book! A must if you work with people with special needs, and also for everyone to promote a more inclusive mindset! The cutest characters, and the best message!

  4. Marina Wright

    A wonderful book for kids of all abilities! This book features heartfelt, relatable characters and real equipment that our kids and patients use every day. What a great way to see our young friends represented! 10/10 would recommend to any family!

  5. Jessi

    This is a fantastic book! I’m so excited to have it in my classroom library. Every child should read this because it lets children with disabilities see themselves in a book but it also shows how alike children are. I love the illustrations, they are so cute!

  6. Michaela

    We have a child that navigates with a wheelchair. He loves this book and we have read it countless times. We can’t wait for more Able Fables books!

  7. Reilly Cate

    This book needs to be in every home, school, clinic, and library across the country! Such an amazing way to introduce children to differences and show that we’re all able. Inclusive books are so, so important, and Gary’s Gigantic Dream is one of the best!

  8. Connie Holt

    This book is wonderfully inspiring, my daughter who is non verbal and has significant delays loves hearing this story, she opens her eyes really big to see the pictures and the joy on her face is pure gold!

  9. Becky

    Gary’s Gigantic Dream is an incredible book. It is so well written. It encourages acceptance and inclusion. I tested up reading it and have recommended it to so many people!

  10. Sarah krieger

    We are so proud to display this book in our home. It’s often on the coffee table or out in a place for guests to see, in hopes that they grab and read, to help them grow and gain more perspective. Having a child that has different challenges than most isn’t easy, but books like this bring light and hope to our own journey, as well as allow us to share and encourage those around us, that we are all able!

  11. Holly

    Gary’s Gigantic Dream is a book that has a special place in my heart. This book allows children with different abilities to connect with a character who is just like them. Although this is the first first in the Able Fables series, I know these books will make a lasting impact of all who reads them. Inclusive, fun, and easy to read. What more could you want in a children’s book?!

  12. Keeley Gugliucci

    I LOVE this book! So well written and the illustrations are beautiful! This book is a MUST have for children of ALL abilities!

  13. Amanda Drake

    Love love love this book! So good for kids to see the many different kinds of people in the world and to appreciate every single one.

  14. Christy L.

    I got this book not only for my daughter with special needs, but also for my oldest so she can understand how important it is to be inclusive of EVERYBODY! Such a great message, can’t wait to own more from this series.

  15. Jamie Kmieciak

    This book is amazing. The first of its kind that I have ever own! I love the story and I cannot wait to see where the story goes. The illustrations and details are phenomenal!

  16. Avi Valdez

    Gary’s Gigantic Dream has been such a big hit with my family. I love that this book promotes inclusivity and helps broaden children’s view that we may not all look the same but we can all be able! Such a beautifully written and illustrated book that’s meant for kids but has the adults I’ve shared it with loving it too. So excited for more books in the able fable series!!

  17. Abby Heasley

    This book made my mama heart so happy! I was feeling down about my 3 year old daughter getting fitted for her first wheelchair but Gary’s Gigantic Dream totally changed my perspective and lifted my spirits! It’s such a great book for ALL children to teach them about inclusion and playing with children of ALL abilities!

  18. Sam

    We absolutely love this book! My almost 4 year old loves it. His favorite part is the photos of all the children at the end. The story and message are so sweet.

  19. Maria

    This book is so fun, bright, colorful and educational. It takes you on Gary’s journey of getting his first wheelchair which opens up his world to do and see so much more. So many great things to say about this book, first I love that it was a fun experience for him and his family to go and pick out a wheelchair. It wasn’t a sad day it was a great day! They were able to help choose everything he needed in his mobility device and I loved that everyone was excited for him. I loved the page that has Gary in his brand new wheelchair on a map of the US ready to go on some adventures. I love it because a wheelchair is a beautiful thing, it gives people freedom to explore the world. I love the “We’re all Able” page that reinforces the fact that we all have abilities to different capacities. I love that at the end of the book Gary shares some of his friends with us in which there are girls and boys who are wheelchair users. I think it’s so amazing that this is there because if you are reading this book to a child that has never encountered someone in a wheelchair it provides a space to have conversations about disabilities. Lastly I absolutely love that in the end there is a page where you can add a picture of your child ❤️
    I highly recommend this book to everyone out there that has children. To every teacher, librarian or anyone that works with children. It’s so important to have diversity in children’s books. So important for children to see themselves in books. So important to start having those conversations in a safe space with a parent and start making the world a little more inclusive.
    Part of the proceeds of this book goes towards inclusive play areas. Not only are you changing a little heart when you purchase and read these books. You are also contributing to a great cause. We love it Nicole from your friends @finding_our_rainbows

  20. Kayla

    Love this book. I think everyone should learn about different abilities we all have. Can’t wait for the next book!

  21. Malorie

    My little guy absolutely LOVES this book. The characters and the message are so wonderful and he has memorized the whole thing. It has meant a lot to him to see a book character with a chair just like his. It has been awesome for him to have this to share with his friends.

  22. Kelsey Warren

    Cannot wait to get this book in my classroom! It’s perfect for any kiddo, couldn’t think of a better character to steal our hearts and go for his dreams!

  23. Karin

    First, let me say, if you don’t have this book, you NEED to add it to your collection!!! This book is amazing for kids of all abilities to learn about inclusion and see that our differences are what makes us all so amazing! My son loves to read about his favorite giraffe, Gary, and loves that Gary picks out and has a green wheelchair just like him!! Amazing message and how can you not go wrong with a cute giraffe as the main character 💚 Inclusion is an important topic that should be in every classroom, every household, every therapy or pediatricians office and this book is perfect for teaching about inclusion, sending the message that “We Are All Able”. We can’t wait for the next book to come out 💚

  24. Amber

    My family and I absolutely love this book !! I have a special needs little girl and this book is the perfect way to show your little ones just how important inclusion is ❤️

  25. Rebecca Jordan

    Our little Maggie has a genetic disorder and I wanted to start building inclusivity/comfortability with people of all ability levels with her older sister, Charlie. Charlie loves it – she likes to read it and talk about each of the kiddos in the back. It’s such an easy way to start conversations with her. And it’s such a bright, cute book!

  26. Stephanie Withrow

    As a special educator and advocate for inclusion for those with all different abilities, this book is amazing! I purchased one for my own home as well as ones to gift to all the teachers in our Special Education center this past school year. It was delightful hearing others read and share the story of Gary with their students who can find a character they relate to. I can’t wait to read more often books! They are very high quality and well written and illustrated! Well worth the price!

  27. Dyna Ogonowski

    I’m writing this with tears of joy. My sister bought Gary’s book for my 7 yr old son, Lincoln. Lincoln is differently baked in many ways. He is not mobile and he is nonverbal but he loves to laugh and smile, he loves Moana, The Greatest Showman, TOTS and loves to be read to. This book made us all so happy. I was so excited to share it with his teachers and OT, PT and speech therapies. His school can’t wait to order their own book to have in class! Thank you for making the world a better place by celebrating all the unique abilities God gave us!!

  28. Kayla

    Very Inclusive. I like how it shows what he can do and how his chair helps him. Recommend for every child.

  29. Traci

    I’m an SLP who believes in using representative materials of the kids I work with, and I love this book! It’s so fun and the graphics are bright and colorful 🙂 Great for all kids!

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