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Lia's Kind Mind


Lia’s Kind Mind is the second book in The Able Fables series. The Able Fables is an inclusive picture book series that empowers children and parents to celebrate inclusion, kindness, and ability.

Lia’s Kind Mind is a heartwarming story of a young lion who adores gymnastics. When Lia struggles to master a new skill on the balance beam, she doubts her abilities and ponders quitting the sport altogether. Encouraged by her teammates, Lia harnesses the power of a kind mind and learns to embrace the balance beam as she does her birthmark.

Lia’s Kind Mind empowers children to:

  • Practice positive self-talk and a growth mindset
  • Celebrate and embrace their beautiful uniqueness
  • Accept, understand, and befriend those different from them

The end of the book features real kiddos with different types of birthmarks.

20% of profits are donated to help build inclusive playgrounds.

All sales are final. We will gladly replace your book if it is damaged during shipping. To receive a replacement book the customer must contact support@theablefables.com within 7 days of delivery. Photos of damage are required.

  1. Details:
    1. Hardcover : 32 pages
    2. Publisher : Able Fables Book Co. 1st Edition
    3. ISBN: 978-1-7332727-1-1
    4. Shipping Weight: 14.45 ounces
Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 8 × 10 in


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