Let’s Build An Inclusive World Together. 

Every quarter, The Able Fables® features an inclusive playground that is still in the fundraising stage.  We donate 20% of profits from books and apparel to help build our featured inclusive playground!

Our current feature is…

Passion Behind The Park

Much Needed in Our Community.

Powhatan is known for its incredible school system and ability to support exceptional education students but there is nothing in the community for kids with disabilities to participate in. The closest accessible playground to us is nearly an hour away. Our town also has a large older population and we wanted them to be able to participate in the accessible community gardens as well! Growing up as a disabled youth I never saw anyone that looked like me on any playground setting and I don’t want other disabled children to experience that lack of representation and community like I did. I also want my four boys to be able to play, learn with, grow with, and use their imaginations with kids of all abilities! 

Standout Features:

We hope to have an accessible zipline feature as well as other accessible equipment but we really are excited about the accessible community garden aspect! We can’t wait to learn and grow together and share the real fruits of our labor with others in our community! Our playground is being built on a golf course, but the golf course also offers soccer golf, pickleball courts, coffee shops, and many other amazing amenities that the whole community can enjoy! 


The goal of Growing Inclusivity is to build an accessible playground and accessible community garden in Powhatan. Any food we grow will be available to the community and anything that is left over will be donated to the food pantry. We’d like to hold classes and teach gardening skills to the community, specifically to those with disabilities and former foster youth.

Powhatan, Virginia

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