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Every two months, The Able Fables™ features an inclusive playground, one that is still in the fundraising stage. We donate 20% of each and every book sold to a featured inclusive playground!

Our current feature is…

Future location: Santa Barbra

Passion Behind The Park

Gwendolyn Strong was born with spinal muscular atrophy, a degenerative neuromuscular disease that impacted all movement, including the ability to walk, sit up, eat, breathe, and speak. Gwendolyn was also a social butterfly who demanded to be an active participant in the world. She attended school fulltime, danced hip hop, ran three half marathons, and loved being right in the middle of all the fun with her friends. While her disabilities were profound, Gwendolyn had the ability to bring people together and bond over the joys of childhood. Gwendolyn’s life was rich and full because of those relationships, and we witnessed firsthand how her able-bodied peers also blossomed in knowing someone with differences and looking at the world in a way that made them want to rethink their environments so she could always be part of everything. When Gwendolyn died, we set our sights on creating the first inclusive playground in Santa Barbara County so all children would have the opportunity to learn, grow, and play together. Gwendolyn’s Playground will highlight that friendship has no limitations. 

Words From The Founder

Every child wants to play, and we believe when we are building public spaces, they should be created for the entire public. By bringing people together to have fun, we are creating a culture of belonging and understanding within our communities, which cultivates kinder humans and a more inclusive future. Playgrounds as a whole can be so much more for all of us — more innovative, more imaginative, more fun! Inclusive design is actually just better design because when you start thinking outside of the box you realize there is so much more that can become the new standard of play. 

– Victoria Strong

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