Let’s Build An Inclusive World Together. 

Every two months, The Able Fables® features an inclusive playground, one that is still in the fundraising stage. We donate 20% of profits from each and every book sold + $5 from every shirt of the month sold as well!

Our current feature is…

Passion Behind The Park

Opportunity for all.

“On July 12th, 2012, I, Christian Kane, was in a car accident in which my then 19 month old son, Gavin, suffered a traumatic brain injury. Just like his five other brothers and sisters, Gavin was a typical child. The accident took away his ability to walk or talk. Gavin has improved greatly over the years to a point he wanted to participate and have fun with other children but Mary, my wife, and I realized that this was nearly impossible as public parks didn’t promote inclusion for those living with a special need. In March of 2017 we began the process of creating a 3.5-acre inclusive complex for those of any age and with any disability.”

Standout Features:

The complex consists of a basketball and bocce court, .33 miles of walking path with art murals, a completely wheelchair accessible playground (including a wheelchair accessible trampoline, a zip-line, and music arch), 8 bathrooms with six special needs stalls and two changing tables, accessible nine-hole miniature golf course, 5 community gardens, a baseball field, two thrive stations for use by physical therapists and their patients, a pavilion with 4 power wheelchair chargers, and an sensory needs quiet corner.”


Redefine the word INCLUSION

Tom’s River, NJ

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