Let’s Build An Inclusive World Together. Buy a book, Build a Park!

Every two months, The Able Fables™ features an inclusive playground, one that is still in the fundraising stage. We donate 20% of each and every book sold to a featured inclusive playground!

Our current feature is…

Chilton, Wisconsin 

Passion Behind The Park

Our mission is to remove every barrier possible to allow each and every child the opportunity to experience unorganized,
imaginative play alongside their friends on a safe and accessible playground.

Matt Kolbe was an inspirational figure in the Chilton community and often went out of his way to brighten the mood of others. He did not let his Down syndrome diagnosis or other health challenges affect the way he lived his life.
Matt encompassed four major personality characteristics throughout his life: Acceptance, Kind-Heartedness, Selflessness, and Love. It is this way of life that inspired the creation of the Matt Kolbe Memorial Foundation. The Matt Kolbe Memorial Foundation’s mission is to preserve and cultivate the legacy that Matt left behind of helping and accepting others. The visions of the Matt Kolbe
Memorial Foundation are to continue to support numerous charities and organizations that foster these beliefs that were important to Matt, including organizations such as the SHARE program, Special Olympics, and the New Hope
Center, that help to create and foster inclusive environments where everyone
can feel accepted. This inclusive playground project proposal aligns perfectly with this mission.

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