Let’s Build An Inclusive World Together. Buy a book, Build a Park!

Every two months, The Able Fables™ features an inclusive playground, one that is still in the fundraising stage. We donate 20% of each and every book sold to a featured inclusive playground!

Our current feature is…

Located In Nashville, TN inside the Nashville Zoo

Passion Behind The Park

Laurian and John Scott established Thisbe and Noah in 2010, bearing the names of their two children who died of a rare neurological disease. Its mission is to improve lives by promoting research, awareness, and support for children with neurological disorders. Since its founding, the organization has worked tirelessly to “fill the holes” the Scotts experienced in the quality of medical and communal care for their terminally ill children.

Words From The Founder

“Each of my children had to bear several disabilities in their little bodies because of their disease. I was able to navigate the design of the playground through their eyes. What we created in Promise Park is a place where every child can find pockets of sheer delight. A place where each child can ‘climb’ to the top of the treehouse, whether on wheels or legs. No child will be left at the bottom, wishing.”

— Laurian Scott, Co-Founder of Thisbe & Noah

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