“You can be anything you want to be for Halloween!” — Actually, this isn’t the reality for many children (& adults). But, recently Target has been a pioneer for change with the release of their adaptive halloween costumes, and we are SO THRILLED ABOUT IT. All children, all individuals should have choice, and options when it comes to choosing the clothing they wear, including their Halloween costumes. Here at The Able Fables® we are ALL about inclusion. So, I wanted to share these amazing costumes with you!

all images from target.com

Here are just a few of the many reasons why some kiddos might need their halloween costume to be inclusive to their personal needs.

  • Comfortable clothing to meet sensory preferences.
  • Easy-on, Easy-off to support greater independence with dressing.
  • Easy Access to feeding tubes or other medical equipment around the stomach area.
  • Clothing that is comfortable to sit for wheelchair users.
  • Clothing that will not get caught or tangled in adaptive equipment or assistive technologies.

Look at all the beautiful, and affordable costumes that Target has to choose from. I sure hope this is the catalyst to a world of adaptive clothing for all! Way to go Target! Feel free to comment below and share some of your very favorite companies that offer adaptive clothing. And, of course, share with anyone who would LOVE these costumes.

all images from target.com

Shop the entire collection here. And if you are an inclusion loving human, be sure to check out our inclusive children’s book series, here! Book #2 of The Able Fables will be releasing soon.


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