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Louie's Together Playground, Book #3


Meet the third book in The Able Fables® series. Join Louie, a crafty llama with dwarfism who loves to build, construct, and create. Together, he and his friends dream up a plan to bring the very first all-inclusive playground to their town. 

Louie’s Together Playground is a celebration of dwarfism, diverse friendships, and inclusive playgrounds.

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 8 × 10 in

1 review for Louie’s Together Playground, Book #3

  1. Lynsie R.

    As a person with dwarfism and an early childhood educator for several years, this book is exactly what our community needs to help make a more inclusive world. I can’t put in words how perfect this book is for early childhood education and for dwarfism awareness with students 6 and younger. I teared up when I first read it, this book means the world to me.

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