Hello Able Fables Family! I’m Dr. Nicole Julia, OT and author of the inclusive children’s books series, The Able Fables. A strength based series that celebrates ABILITY!I’m oh so glad that you found your way to this #MyAbleStory! My Able Stories highlight amazing kiddos, focusing on ability first, diving into their unique journeys. You’re gonna fall in love with Kaden, todays #MyAbleStory feature! 

Q: First and foremost, I want to know what Kaden loves to do?

A: Kaden is obsessed with football and basketball. Kansas City Chiefs are lucky to have him as a fan! He loves being active, he also loves wrestling and playing video games as well with his family and friends. 

Q: What is Kaden’s biggest strength?

A: His biggest strength is being able to keep pushing forward and testing the limits despite his physical ability. If he wants to do something, he WILL do it. He’s got an amazing amount of determination.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about Kaden’s personal journey?

A: My son Kaden has had a remarkable journey. He was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta type III, which is a genetic disorder that affects the collagen gene- making the bones very fragile. He has had over 40 fractures and 10 surgeries thus far, and you wouldn’t be able to tell because he is the brightest, happiest kid I’ve ever known. He loves sports, music, entertaining people, and just being silly whenever he can! He attends KidNetic Games every year where he competes in wheelchair Boccia, wheelchair tennis, wheelchair racing, and more! One day he says he wants to be able to play wheelchair basketball, and I am behind him 100% for that decision. He does not allow his disability to define him or hold him back. I’ve learned so much from Kaden in these short 8 years.  He’s truly an inspiration to me as his mother. I do my very best to accommodate and modify what he wants to do to his needs to ENSURE he gets to experience whatever his heart desires.

Q: What has Kaden taught you personally?

A: Kaden has taught me to never give up, to always enjoy each day that comes, and to never ever take your body for granted.

Q: As an advocate for Kaden, what is your mission?

I want to be able to break the stigmas of disabled people and break the barriers society has put up for them and allow them more freedom and understanding than they’ve ever known.

I get so very frustrated when I see a non-adaptive playground, a ramp missing from the edge of a sidewalk or business, parents talking to their children about disabled kids out of context… amongst other things that disable their abilities to just be human.

Q: As a parent of a child with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, what resource has been most helpful for you? 

A: When Kaden was born, I was so lost without Facebook Parent groups for OI. I still keep in touch with the parents that guided me all those years ago.

Q: What do you want the world to know about Kaden?

A: I want people to know Kaden as an individual. I want the world to know his ideas, his great sense of humor, his beautiful way of looking at life- despite his challenges. We could all take a page from his book.

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