2020 is finally here, and let me tell you it’s been kind of weird for me. I feel like I’ve spent most days wondering what day it actually is! Anybody else with me? 

I’m really excited for 2020 because it’s the first year that I can truly dive into The Able Fables™ 100%. If you’re new here, The Able Fables™ is an inclusive movement and children’s picture book company. Our mission? To build a more inclusive world for everyone! My first book, Gary’s Gigantic Dream, celebrated its release in November, days before our wedding. You can find it here! I feel like I’m finally settling in after the last two months of crazy.

You guys of been like family to me exceptionally supportive of everything that I’ve done thus far with The Able Fables™. It is my desire that you feel entirely part of our community. Which means you deserve to know my gigantic dreams for 2020. Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

#1- Donate $50,00 to inclusive playgrounds by the end of 2020!

This is the biggest most gigantic goal of all of the goals that I have. This year I truly want to give back, make the world a better place. 20% of every purchase helps build inclusive playgrounds. Let’s give $50,000 this year! I know, that’s a lot of books, about 9,350 more books in 12 months! It’s a bit of an intimidating dream. I’ll literally give all I have to reach it – are you all in, too!?

#2 – Blog at least once a week.

Now that we’ve got this shiny new website by Kenzi Green Design, you can expect to see a blog post from me at least once a week. You know we’ll be chatting about all things inclusion, accessibility, and universal design! But also expect to see categories like business tips: how to grow your nonprofit or cause-based business, personal + travel, self-flourishment, and an all-new blog series, RemarkABLE, where we feature remarkABLE kiddos, families, individuals, and nonprofits!

#3 – More Inbox Love.

I really want and need to grow my email community to its fullest potential. Be on the lookout for one not spammy, and totally worth the read email a week to strengthen our community, and of course, more resources, goodies, and freebies for all!

#4 – Build REAL life commUNITY.

Now that I have time, its time for me to get out and meet other like-minded people. This last year I really neglected social participation while building the foundation for The Able Fables™. I loved every second of it, except that I started to get too comfortable behind the screen. No good for my mental wellness, and I used to be a mental health OT! We’ve all been there. Feeling stuck because we are focusing too much on one part of us and not enough on the WHOLE of ourselves. Time for less screen time and more coffee dates with new friends!

#5 – Say yes to the NEW.

More book readings, more speaking engagements, more podcasts, more collaborations! I believe in my book more than anything, guys. So much that it doesn’t feel icky or “salesy” when I sell it. I know, and you know (if you own it) that The Able Fables solves a critical problem, lack of representation. Gary’s Gigantic Dream deserves a place on the bookshelf of every home, classroom, library, clinic, and hospital! 

Whoop, whoop! I’m really excited about 2020, my friends! Do you want to serve and support us, help us flourish and grow? YES!? Well then, I have created a private Facebook group for inclusion loving humans that genuinely want to be part of The Able Fables Family. Just click here!

What your gigantic dreams for the year? Your intentions? Or your baby steps? Tell me in the comments. I’ve got my pom-poms in hand! I’m ready to cheer you on. 

We’re all able, 

Dr. Nicole Julia

I love hearing from you beautiful humans!

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